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Mud System Manufacturer in India

Mud Tank System is a part of circulatory system of the rig, used for storing and feeding the required drilling fluid during Rig operation cycle. Mud Tank System is available for different drilling rig sizes from 250HP to 3000 HP with different capacity.

Technostrength is a reputed Mud System Manufacturer in India. This Equipment is used for both onshore and offshore oil drillings. This is an ISO and OHSAS Certified Company and has more than three decades of experience in supplying all types of necessary equipment.

Working of Mud System:

Mud Tank System with mud tanks interconnected at each other through Dresser type couplings and fully equipped with Mud Cleaning equipment, Mud Agitators, Suction valves with Suction pipeline and Mud Guns. Necessary walkways, staircases, lamp posts handrails and water tapping are also the standard features of our Mud Systems.

Mud Tank System tanks normally including following :

  • Shale Shaker Tank
  • Intermediate Tank
  • Suction Tank
  • Reserve Tanks
  • Trip Tank
  • Cabin for Chemist (Pig House)
  • Chemical Mixing Tank
  • Mud Mixing Skid
  • Super Charging Skid
  • Desander/Desilter Skid
  • Mud Conditioning Equipments etc. etc.

Additional tailor made facilities are provided / suggested, depending on existing conditions at drill site.

About Our Works:

Technostrength Engineering Company has Practical Knowledge in manufacturing and handling all types of Mud System Equipment by following all the industrial standards our company manufactures equipment for the oil drillings, so we are well known as Mud System Manufacturer in India.

All Our Equipment is eco-friendly our technical engineers will look at each and every process to be done carefully. We offer machines at the best prices when compared with others. High Quality of machines will make the work process easy and fast.

By involving the latest technologies in the machines we are manufacturing this equipment for both oil and gas drillings. Our office headquarters is located in the state of Telangana so we always strive to one of the best Mud System Manufacturer in Hyderabad.

Technostrength Services are involved with a team of highly skilled engineers and efficient staff persons. We also offer support for all the equipment we manufacture and supply for the long-time relations with the customers. So we are regarded as Mud System Manufacturer in Hyderabad.


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