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Mud Gun

Mud Guns are vertically mounted on the mud tank’s rim line. Mud Guns are used for mixing and agitating the mud, suitable to handle the mud consists of barites, Bentonites, Diesel, water and certain other chemicals etc. of sp.gravity 1.6 to 2.4, viscosity 60 to 80 centipoises, ambient temp. of 0 ºC to 55 ºC and high humidity.


Mud Gun

  • The Non-Spin type Mud Guns swivels freely in vertical and horizontal planes. The swiveling section is provided by a double swivel having high strength balls rolling in heat treated alloy steel races. The gun can be locked in any desired position vertically or horizontally.
  • The Bottom type Mud Guns shall be suitable to rotate free 270 degree about its axis. In horizontal plane.
  • The guns are equipped with replaceable and interchangeable nozzle tips.
  • The working pressure is 150 PSI and test pressure is 300 PSI for these Mud Guns.