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Mud Agitator Manufacturer in India

Mud Agitators mix and agitate the drilling mud that is used to prevent solid particles from depositing in the circular tank. This is also used to stabilize the work of drilling fluid. The Impeller shaft present in the mechanical Agitator transforms mechanical power into fluid circulation. The Mud Agitator can be obtained from the Mud Agitator Manufacturer in India and are generally available in horsepower such as 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 25HP and 30HP.

Technostrength Private Limited is the Company that offers all types of engineering services required for oil and gas drillings. With its Quality of works this company has achieved quality and production awards for their Equipment early in the year 1986.


  • Horizontally Mounted type
  • Vertically Mounted type.

Mud Agitator Manufacturer in India

We offer best range of Mud Agitator which works continuously at the drilling site by delivering optimum results. Our Principles has made us to supply our highly technological equipment to the power plants which are present in abroad.

Motor Ranges of Agitator

Technostrength FLP Motors range from 5HP to 30HP and can be used with various power configurations. Gear reducers are worm type or helical bevel type depending on the choice of the user. For Achieving Highest Performance in various mud conditions we offer 3 to 6 blade designs, mixed and axial flow turbine types, canted, bolted and twisted profile types also. For all these equipment Mud Agitator Manufacturer in India like Technostrength is occupying the best place in the industry.

Mud Agitator Manufacturer in Hyderabad

Solid Control Mud Agitators act as mud mixers on mud tank. On a usual process these agitators should rotate at 60-70 rpm. Our high performance equipment is appreciated among clients all over India. If there is a large quantity of mud present in the site then large torque mud agitator will be required.

We suggest the customers to choose the mud agitator according to the size of tank along with torque level. Mud Agitator Manufacturer in Hyderabad is the name suggested to our services by all our previous customers.

Technostrength is one of the best Mud Agitator manufacturers and Suppliers in Hyderabad and throughout India.