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Jet Shearing Device

Jet Shearing Device are designed to use shear pump to efficiently mix solids with liquids. Jet shear systems ensure efficient and mixing of soluble polymers and bentonite used in water-based drilling fluids, therefore eliminating “fish eyes”. Drilling fluid yield and gel strength properties are instantly obtained with hydraulic shearing of bentonite or organophilic clays.

The addition of liquid additives is made easy with the incorporation of an injection port into the jet pump. This port is capable of handling liquid additives such as; lubricants, polyacrylamides, and oil-wetting emulsifiers. By incorporating an in-line mixer, the operator is given the choice of imparting low shear into the drilling mud. When the appropriate level of mixing is imparted into the drilling mud, polymers are efficiently used, therefore lowering additive costs.

The complete unit consists of :

  • High Density Polyurethane Nozzle Disc.
  • Urethane Jet Nozzle.
  • Polyurethane Diffuser.
  • Polyurethane Radial Pre-mixer.
  • Inlet Line Size & Outlet line.
  • Isolation valves.
  • Victaulic Couplings.

The Jet Shear Unit supplied have the following features :

  • Non-Moving Parts.
  • High Abrasion Durability.
  • Chemical Compatibility.
  • Non-Corrosive Parts.
  • Quick Disconnect facility.

Jet Shear 1


Jet Shear 2