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Diesel Pumping Skid


Diesel Pumping Skid 1


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Diesel Pumping Skid is used to pump the diesel from the tanker into storage tanks and vice versa, pumping filtered fuel to diesel generator sets and return flow of diesel from diesel generator sets back to storage tanks. Transfer of fuel from the storage tanks to tanker while Rig-move. The complete system is installed on two - runner oil field type of skid. This system is provided with Gear Pumps sets unitized with Flame Proof Motors, Fuel Filters, Water and Sediment Trap, Instruction Plate and all inter connecting piping with necessary pipes, pipe fittings, valves.The Fuel Filter will have a shell type body, with removable cover, to facilitate changing of filter elements. The filter will be provided with water and sludge sump with drain connection and a vent connection.