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Compressor Water Wash Skid

Compressor Water Washing Skid is used for compressor washing or compressor & turbine washing of gas turbine. The water wash unit is operated in conjunction with certain operating modes of the Gas Turbine. When water or detergent solution is required at the turbine, the water pump is started by the operator, and by valve operation on the water wash unit, either plain water or water detergent / solution is pumped from the water wash unit to the turbine.

The water flow rates are governed by spray nozzles and orifices installed on the Gas Turbine (not part of the water wash unit). The water wash centrifugal pump reacts on its curve to satisfy the nozzles employed. The detergent flow rates into the water stream are controlled by the stroke setting of the detergent metering pump. The detergent/water solution flow rates are then governed by the turbine spray nozzles in the same manner as the water flow rates.

Online & Offline water wash system for compressors and gas turbine blades self contained with water & detergent tanks, heaters, control switches for temperature, volume, level and pressure. Our Compressor Water Washing skids are highly reliable, sophisticated and durable commissioned at more than 120 destinations all over the world.


Compressor Water Washing Skid 1


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