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Technostrength strives to maintain a highly qualified workforce. Our staff includes several individuals with the range from 5 to 40 years experiences in oilfield & power plant sector. Our Technicians and Engineers continuously strive to give the best outcome to the industry in every aspects.

Employment at Technostrength opens new doors of opportunity. A wide range of career options within the company presents excellent opportunities to the potential manpower.

Our Technostrength Team crews enjoy working on every challenging environment around the world and have access to a wide variety of training opportunities. At Technostrength, you will have continuous support, challenging and exciting responsibility, and the opportunity to make a difference. You will get to learn new skills, work with people all over the world, and launch a fulfilling career.

Drop your CV at info@technostrength.co.in, jayant_athalekar@yahoo.co.in Whenever there is vacancy we will call you.

Good luck!